End of life tyres get a new lease of life

RecyBEM strives to process end of life tyres in an environmentally aware and environmentally-friendly way. We support car tyres being processed in the most advanced way possible.

Material re-use by recycling old tyres

The vast majority of the tyres collected are recycled, between sixty and seventy percent. Of all the car tyres collected each year, we recycle between 38,000 and 44,000 tonnes in an environmentally-friendly way our certified recyclers process them into rubber granulate. The discarded car tyres are converted into a new product.

A new life for more than five million tyres each year

Thanks to rubber’s properties, such as elasticity and sustainability, the rubber granulate derived from recycled car tyres is used as a raw material in a number of applications. You can come across rubber granulate in many different places surrounding you. For example on building and construction sites, such as in sound insulation and motion dampers in tall buildings. In road construction and hydraulic engineering, for example an attenuating layer as a liner below tram rails and train tracks. In animal husbandry where rubber is used in the lining of cattle matting
and in artificial grass surfaces as infill material.

Rubber granulate is also used in safety and protection systems such as in safety tiles, playground flooring, roofing tiles, terrace tiles, gallery tiles, marker tiles and indicator tiles. And not to mention shoes, bags, belts, diaries, pencil cases or corporate gifts. So there are countless opportunities to use raw materials from end of life tyres, all resulting in win-win situations.

More information about applications of rubber granulate: