End of life tyres get a new lease of life

Re-use gives used tyres a new lease of life. Tyres with value are considered for re-use if they can be used again for the original purpose for which they were manufactured.

Discarded tyres are used again as tyres if they are technically and financially suitable for re-use. Twenty to thirty percent of the tyres collected are eligible for product re-use. After recycling, re-use is therefore the biggest processing method within the RecyBEM system.

A new lease of life for two million cartyres each year

Each year, our RecyBEM-certified collection companies ensure that almost two million of the tyres they collect enjoy a new lease of life as a second-hand tyre or thanks to retreading. In addition to these tyres with value, scrap tyres can also be re-used. A small proportion of the tyres collected are used for an alternative purpose in that our collection companies send these scrap tyres for use in road construction and hydraulic engineering, as pit tyres, or as crash barriers at go-carting tracks. These alternative uses also extend the lifespan of the tyres that are collected without the tyre being processed.

More information on product re-use (re-use of tyres with value):

Scrap tyres can also be re-used. More information about alternative destinations for old tyres: