Tyre chain

Collaboration within the tyre chain

The RecyBEM system enables the members of the Vereniging Band en Milieu to implement the legal obligations arising from the decree on end of life tyres as effectively and efficiently as possible.

RecyBEM works with companies throughout the entire tyre chain. This is what the collaboration looks like:

  1. Producers (tyre manufacturers and importers) bring new tyres into the Dutch market. Consumers return their old tyres to the retailer at zero cost.
  2. Garages, tyre specialists, car accessories suppliers, car dealers and similar businesses in the tyre industry accept end of life tyres free of charge when they sell new tyres to consumers on the principle of “swapping old for new”.
  3. RecyBEM-certified collection companies collect the used tyres from the retailer at zero cost.
  4. The tyres are sorted to extract reusable tyres at the collection company’s premises.
  5. Twenty to thirty percent of the tyres collected are tyres with value. The remaining tyres are scrap.
  6. We process the tyres we collect in a number of ways. The tyres with value are given a new lease of life by being reused as tyres, second-hand tyres or retreaded. The scrap tyres are processed in various applications. Between sixty and seventy percent of the end of life tyres are given a new lease of life as raw materials following processing by RecyBEM-certified recyclers. Rubber granulate is used in a range of applications such as playground flooring and cattle matting. The remaining scrap tyres have an alternative purpose or are used as fuel in cement furnaces and power generation plants.