Art projects

Art using car tyres

Artists are increasingly interested in using car tyres for artistic expression. RecyBEM supports a number of artists in creating their designs. Because creative thinking means exciting products.

Rehearsing Revolution

Car tyres are an inspiration. This was demonstrated by the Rehearsing Revolution art project where the Authentic Boys analyzed the revolutionary potential of students at schools in Rotterdam. The design using our used car tyres was a true art experience which encouraged the students to think creatively.

A tree made of tyres

One better known piece of art using old tyres is the rubber tree by graphic designer Marc ter Horst. He designed the tree as part of the Make a Forest initiative designed to stimulate global awareness of sustainable forestry management. Marc ter Horst designed a tree made of used car tyres. The rubber tree acts as a reference from the product (car tyre) to the source (nature). The design of the rubber tree artistically links the tyre with the environment. The rubber tree is exhibited in an artificial forest during the Dutch Design Week, a renowned annual (inter)national design festival held in Eindhoven. The art-tree proved to be a real eye-catcher!