Collection by RecyBEM certified collection companies

RecyBEM is the management company for the Dutch legislation on waste management for end of life tyres (Besluit beheer autobanden). We organize the collection and processing of used car tyres from the aftermarket.

Our certified collection companies meet stringent quality requirements which are set out contractually. The collection companies collect the used tyres from garages, tyre service companies, car dealers, car accessories suppliers and caravan and trailer dealers. At the collection companies’ premises, the tyres are sorted to extract reusable tyres in terms of quality and size. The tyres with value are separated from the scrap tyres. The tyres with value are sorted for sale to a range of distribution channels. Tyres with value are given a new lease of life as second-hand tyres. Tyres with value can also have their lifespan extended if they are retreaded. Both re-use as second-hand tyres and retreading are examples of product recycling.

The collection companies remove the scrap tyres for processing. Under the terms of their contract, at least ninety percent of the tyres collected must be destined for material and product recycling and at least sixty percent of the tyres collected must be destined for material recycling. To ensure materials are recycled, the collection companies must offer the used tyres to certified recyclers. The certified recyclers process the tyres into high-grade rubber granulate. The Dutch law on end of life tyres requires only twenty percent material recycling. The collection companies select their own recycler(s) and sign a business agreement with them. Recyclers must always be certified by RecyBEM.

The collection companies send us a monthly invoice for the tyres they have collected. They receive a fixed payment for each used tyre collected. The collection payment is based on a range of cost elements which we assess every two years as part of a market research project. We set out these elements in 2004, in consultation with other organizations in the tyres industry, such as VACO.

Each year, we check our certified collection companies’ business operations. In addition, the independent certification organization SGS Nederland B.V. conducts an annual audit which includes our RecyBEM assessment criteria such as the quality standard ISO certification 9001: 2008. This has enabled our collection companies to further optimize their business operations and become increasingly professional.

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