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Role as an ELT-management organization

RecyBEM assumes the legal responsibility for environmentally-friendly waste and raw materials management from the members of the Vereniging Band en Milieu.

We fulfill this role in a broad sense. We strive for a coordinated, collective and sector-wide fulfillment of the Dutch legislation on end of life tyres. We focus on prevention and innovation. This includes initiating research into new materials and processing possibilities, into reducing CO2 emissions and into saving raw materials. This means that we play an important role both at the beginning and at the end of the tyre chain.

Producers (tyre manufacturers and importers) are responsible for managing car tyres in an environmentally-friendly way. We support them in closing the tyre circle by looking after every aspect of the used car tyres return flow. We collect end of life car tyres in accordance with the principle of “swapping old for new”. We collect tyres at retailers and local authority environmental depots. We then sensure that the tyres collected are processed in an environmentally-friendly way. And on behalf of the members of the Dutch tyre association, we are accountable to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu). We are supported by this Ministry and our trade partners in the distribution chain, including the industry organization for the tyre and wheel sector in the Netherlands (Vereniging VACO), the trade organization for mobility (Bovag) and the trade association for manufacturers and importers of road vehicles (RAI Vereniging).

But we do more. We communicate with the Dutch government and the European Union on meeting producer responsibilities in the tyre industry. Our objectives also involve prevention and research. We aim to keep the Netherlands free from tyres lying around in the environment. To this end, we organize collection campaigns for tyre dumps and other projects to collect stray tyres. While there are very few tyre dumps in the Netherlands nowadays, we consider cleaning them to be one of our tasks. We also encourage and facilitate research to promote the use of rubber granulate,to update processing options and to optimize environmental performance.