Vereniging Band en Milieu

Advocacy of tyre and environment

The Vereniging Band en Milieu is an association for producers and importers of car tyres and manufacturers and importers of trailers and caravans.

The Dutch law on end of life tyres defines the legal framework and assigns the responsibility to the producers (tyre manufacturers and importers and manufacturers and importers of caravans and trailers) to organize the management chain of end of life tyres. of end of life tyres. They may fulfill this responsibility either individually or collectively. In order to comply with the requirements of the decree, the Vereniging Band en Milieu developed the RecyBEM system as a collective.

The ELT-management company RecyBEM ensures a structural collection of used car tyres in the Netherlands on behalf of the members of the Vereniging Band en Milieu. RecyBEm has contracted ISO-certified tyre collection companies. They meet strict quality standards. The RecyBEM certified collection companies collect used tires free of charge from garages and tire companies. Collection of used tires is done according to the principle of "swapping old for new”. RecyBEM works with RecyBEM certified recycles for the environmentally friendly processing of the collected tyres.