Collecting end of life tyres for a cleaner environment

RecyBEM is the management company for the Dutch legislation on waste management for end of life tyres (Besluit beheer autobanden). We organize the collection and processing of used car tyres from the aftermarket. We work in a structured way to collect some eight million used tyres annually and process them in an environmentally-friendly way. As a result, we prevent scrap tyres from lying around in the environment, we reduce the need for primary raw materials from nature and we reduce CO2 emissions by doing so.

Collection and processing

As the management company for end of life tyres we have taken over all the responsibilities and obligations arising from the Dutch legislation of the members of the Verening Band en Milieu since 2004. We have established a collective collection and processing system for this purpose. We collaborate with our certified collection companies to ensure the structured collection of used car tyres in the Netherlands. RecyBEM also works with certified recyclers to ensure that the tyres collected are processed in an environmentally-friendly and environmentally-aware way. Thanks to effective collaboration with all the companies in the tyre chain, market coverage is virtually one hundred percent. For each new tyre which producers (tyre manufacturers and importers) bring into the Dutch market, we collect one used tyre. These tyres are then given a new lease of life through re-use, recycling or incineration with energy recovery. The principle behind this is "swapping old for new".


Quality is our priority. In order to guarantee the quality standards of our partners within the chain and our own organisation, we are all ISO-certified.

For a cleaner environment

As a management company for end of life tyres, we are responsible for organizing and managing the collection and processing of used car tyres. However, we see our social role with respect to waste and raw materials management in broader terms. We therefore work with agencies able to remove other types of surplus tyres, such as truck and tractor tyres, from the market. We also track national and international market developments so that we are able to respond promptly to economic or (environmental) technical developments that may impact our sector or the member companies of the Vereniging Band en Milieu. As a stakeholder, we regularly participate in research concerning materials, applications and processing methods. Developments in the market come in rapid succession and we track these developments. We regularly conduct our own market research and market analyses. Where necessary, we invite specialist companies to carry out their own research. In doing so, we aim to take innovations in the used tyres sector to a higher level. We promote innovations to recover raw materials and ensure a reduction in CO2 emissions. In doing so, we aim to optimize environmental achievements. After all, we collect and process used tyres to create a cleaner environment, now and in the future.