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RecyBEM has an active promotion policy. The public and market players in the tyre industry is alerted to the requirements set out in the Dutch legislation on end of life tyres (Besluit beheer autobanden) with targeted ad campaigns and distribution of our newsletter. To achieve a broad support, RecyBEM advertises in several relevant and renowned journals in the tyre industry with season ads. Three to four times a year, RecyBEM distributes a newletter, BandBreed, with articles on current issues and attention to specific issues of the Decree. Below is an overview of the various publications.

Advertising campaign

Four times a year RecyBEM advertises in relevant journals within the tyre industry.

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RecyBEM measures the environmental performance with Ecotest. We use Ecotest to determine the burden on the environment. This enables us to look at those areas where we can optimize our environmental performance. We investigate the coherence between ecology (CO2 footprint), recycling (raw materials recovery) and economics (costs).

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Information magazine Tyre & Environment

This 47-page brochure informs you extensively about RecyBEM, its objectives and the manner of interpretation and implementation set out in the legislation on End of life tyres (Besluit beheer autobanden). You can order free copies by sending an email to stating 'Tyre & Environment'. Fill in how many copies you would like to receive on which address.

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RecyBEM distributes a newsletter several times a year.
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