Registration of received old tyres

Swapping old for new

RecyBEM is the management company for the Dutch legislation on waste management for end of life tyres (Besluit beheer autobanden).

For ten years we provide a cleaner environment

Annually we collect, in collaboration with our twenty-five RecyBEM certified collection companies, some eight million used tyres free of charge from garages, tyre companies, car dealerships and similar companies in the tyre industry. In return these disposers have to register the number of received used tyres from their custumors. This requirement is set out in the Dutch legislation on end of life tyres (Besluit beheer autobanden).

Registration requirements according to the Dutch Decree

Due to the introduction of the Dutch Decree on end of life tyres retailers are obliged to register all tyre flows within their company. Garages, tyre specialists, car accessories suppliers, car dealers and similar businesses in the tyre industry can dispose end of life tyres free of charge when they sell new tyres to consumers on the principle of 'swapping old for new'. Retailers have administrative obligations under the Dutch legislation on end of life tyres (Besluit beheer autobanden), as well as under the Environmental Management Act:

  • number of received used tyres of customers;
  • delivery of used tyres to collectors;
  • purchase and sales administration of new tyres;
  • other tyres that have an influence on the tyre balance.

The disposer has the obligation to register the number of received used tyres from custumors. Part of the registration is the RecyBEM-accompanying bill. It is important that the disposer monitors the number of collected tyres by the collector. The RecyBEM-accompanying bill must be signed for the correct number of collected tyres. In addition, the retailer must be able to demonstrate that the number of newly bought tyres is in balance with the number collected and discarded used tyres by the collection company. New tyres that are sold to other companies for which no used tyres are taken should be recorded separately. To retrieve other types of tyres, other than passenger car tyres and light truck tyres (up to 3,500 kg), the collector charges a fee.