About RecyBEM

An initiative by the Dutch tyre suppliers

In April 2004 the Ministry of Environment (than ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Ruimtelijke Ordening en Milieu (VROM)) introduced the legislation on end of life tyres (Bba - Besluit beheer autobanden). RecyBEM is the initiative by the Dutch tyre association (Vereniging Band en Milieu) to fulfill the obligations set out in the Dutch legislation on waste management for end of life tyres. Our collective collection and processing system is successful. Tyre suppliers fulfill their obligations set out in the legislation by joining the Vereniging Band en Milieu.

For each new tyre which the members of the Vereniging Band en Milieu bring into the Dutch market as a producer (tyre manufacturer or importer), RecyBEM certified tyre collectors collect one used tyre. As a result, market coverage is virtually one hundred percent. The tyres that are collected are processed in an environmentally-friendly way and given a new lease of life in a range of applications. The percentage of recycled raw materials destined for the manufacture of new tyres is increasing. End of life tyres are increasingly being processed into car parts for new cars.