Old Tyres

Collection and processing of used car tyres

RecyBEM is the management company for the Dutch legislation on waste management for end of life tyres (Besluit beheer autobanden). We organize the collection and processing of used car tyres from the aftermarket.

We process the tyres that are collected in the most advanced way possible. As a result, we prevent scrap tyres from lying around in the environment, we reduce the need for primary raw materials from nature and we reduce CO2 emissions by doing so.

RecyBEM certified collectors collect some nine million used tyres annually and we ensure these tyres are processed in an environmentally-friendly way. Most tyres are recycled. Annually five million tyres collected are given a new lease of life when the rubber granulate is used as a raw material in new applications, such as playground and infill in artificial grass surfaces.

RecyBEM reports excellent results. This is only possible due to effective collaboration throughout the entire chain. On behalf of the members of the Vereniging Band en Milieu we collaborate with our certified collectors to collect used tires at retailers. Our certified recyclers ensure the environmentally responsible recycling old tires. We aim to optimize environmental achievements. After all, we collect and process used tyres to create a cleaner environment, now and in the future.