Environmentally-friendly processing of used tyres

RecyBEM works with certified recycling companies who handle the high-quality processing of the end of life tyres collected. As a result, the granulate from these old tyres is found in countless applications including asphalt, playground flooring and artificial grass surfaces.

The decree on end of life tyres makes producers (tyre manufacturers and importers) responsible for processing all end of life car tyres from the aftermarket in an environmentally-friendly way. To ensure this, we work with certified recycling companies who meet stringent quality requirements. The certified recyclers separate the tyres into the basic components of rubber, steel and textiles. This enables them to process the whole tyre. The rubber is broken down. This rubber granulate can be produced in various sizes, from coarse granules to the finest of powders. The rubber granulate has to meet stringent requirements. Recyclers innovate their business processes in order to produce even finer rubber granulate. This development means that rubber granulate is increasingly being used to replace natural raw materials. The collection companies recycle materials by having the tyres collected processed by certified recyclers.

We assess our certified recycling companies’ administration on an annual basis. We assess whether they comply with our quality standards and whether they are meeting our requirements with respect to granulation. In addition, the independent certification organization SGS Nederland B.V. conducts an annual audit which also includes our RecyBEM assessment criteria such as quality standard ISO certification 9001.

The collection companies send most of the scrap tyres to certified recyclers. Collection companies may also process the scrap tyres by using them for an alternative purpose such as in road construction and hydraulic engineering, as pit tyres and as protection at go-carting tracks, or by burning them to recover energy. A tyre contains energy which is released through incineration. Some of the tyres collected go to cement furnaces and power generation plants where the used tyres serve as fuel in energy recovery operations.

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