Collecting of farm tyres

'Keep it neat and tidy. And good for the environment'

RecyBEM values a clean environment. As a result of our corporate social responsibility and commitment, we have taken the initiative of collecting farm tyres, such as car, truck or tractor tyres which are no longer required and which are polluting the horizon. Our campaign to collect farm tyres (de Inzamelingsactie Boerenbanden) aims in keeping the horizon neat and tidy.

Improved technology and ongoing product development means that the use of old tyres to cover feed silos has been greatly diminished. As a result, there are plenty of farmyards with large stocks of tyres piled up which are no longer of any use. Tyres are also often left lying around after a business closes down. Despite the fact that these tyres are not covered by the law on end of life tyres, in 2007 RecyBEM has set up the collection campaign for farm tyres together with the Dutch agriculture and horticulture organization (LTO). There were so many waste or pit tyres on farmyards that they posed a threat to our environment. They were also having a negative impact on the natural beauty of the landscape. Our collection campaign set the right course towards clean farmyards, using the tagline “Keep it neat and tidy. And good for the environment”. This large-scale collection campaign resulted in the collection of almost 700,000 old tyres from agricultural businesses. The campaign is still running.


Agricultural companies that want their old tyres to be removed, can register throughout the year by completing the application form. The rates for the collection are below. The certified collection company Van Gansewinkel organizes the the collection of the farm tyres. All the collected tyres are recycled. That means 100% material re-use.


Number of tyres 1-99 100-499 500-999 ≥ 1000 additional cost with rim
Car tyre up to 78 cm € 1,50 € 1,25 € 1,15 € 1,10 € 1,50
Carriage tyre from 79 cm up to 85 cm € 3,00 € 3,00 € 3,00 € 3,00 € 3,00
Truck tyre from 85 cm up to 120 cm € 8,50 € 8,50 € 8,50 € 8,50 € 9,00
Tractor tyre from 120 cm up to 140 cm € 10,50 € 10,50 € 10,50 € 10,50 € 12,00
Tractor tyre over 140 cm € 15,50 € 15,50 € 15,50 € 15,50 € 12,00
Loader/Aircraft tyre up to 160 cm € 16,50 € 16,50 € 16,50 € 16,50 € 12,00


You can register online for this project. More information about the campaign to collect farm tyres is only available in Dutch.